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Active Aging Group - Grow Bold, Not Old

A group of men and women that are over 55 year young and enjoying life. See what all we do and what events and images are part of our life.

ARC Pro Training - On-Line Training for Everyone

Giving everyone online training everywhere in the world.

Auto Machine Works, Inc. - Orlando’s most complete and versatile machine shop.

Our company specializes in industrial diesel engines of any make as well as gas engines. We offer OEM or after-market engine kits, camshafts, crankshafts as well as other engine parts.

The Bradley Summersill Foundation - Home to the The Bradley Summersill Foundation, Inc.

The Bradley Summersill Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation that purchases a gravesite marker for families who have lost a child and cannot afford to purchase one.

CashBack Insurance - Cash-Back-Insurance locates insurance products and designs unique offerings to benefit you, our client. We want you to have cash back in your hand when you need it the most.

They are experts at building a hybrid portfolio of living benefits, life insurances and health-related products that, in many cases, pay cash back to the policy owner while they are alive and need it the most. That’s why we are ‘'.

dennis' collages - My collages are representations of my creative abilities to tell a story that anyone can identify. Each collage is a collection of photographed images from other mediums - precisely cut, then layered, blended, and overlaid into separate panels.

Dutch Enterprises - We are a multifaceted company that has been in business since 1994.

We can repair, remanufacture, or replace most any diesel engine. Our company specializes in Caterpillar, Detroit, & Cummins diesel engines. We have repaired, replaced, or rebuilt diesel engines for 18 wheelers, pick-up trucks, bulldozers, push tugs for the airport as well as yachts and generators.

New Life Zambia - New Life Center Zambia is a ministry of the United Methodist Church. Zambia is located in central Africa, just south of the equator.

The New Life Center helps facilitate a development ministry to equip believers to respond to the Great Commission. This is done by training people to be leaders in their community in areas of spiritual education and community health development.

PET Zambia - PET Zambia builds hundreds of PETs each year and freely gives them to disabled people located in Afrcia.

This gift of mobility is for men, women, and children affected by polio, cystic fibrosis, land-mine accidents, birth defects and other forms of accidents that have rendered their legs useless.

Seminole Asphalt Paving - Located in Seminole County, Florida

Seminole Asphalt Paving, Inc. is a full service commercial asphalt paving company serving the State of Florida. They specialize in asphalt paving, asphalt repair, seal coating and all pavement maintenance. All their striping complies with up to date ADA codes. They offer exceptional paving and repair services for parking lots, road ways, tennis courts, shopping centers and business driveways. Their paving crews are well trained and experienced to handle your project no matter the size. They make sure the job is completed right the first time and on time.

River Park Community - Located in Orlando, Florida

River Park Community is a sub-division located in East Orlando.

Steve's Lubricants - Better Products for Better Engines - Amsoil

Steve’s lubricants is a small business based north central Florida between Ocala and Gainesville.  We are a certified Amsoil dealer enabling us to provide you the best prices.  We fully believe that the better products provided through Amsoil will give you better engines.  Amsoil products are high quality synthetic motor oils, lubricants, filters and fluids.  In addition, we sell brake, hydraulic, and transmission fluid for your car, truck, semi, big rig, tractor, lawnmower or lawn equipment or motor cycle.  We provide better products for petroleum and gas engines.  Please contact us with your questions…we are happy to help you.

Transphoto - Parent Company to TransPhotoTPi and TransPhotoVideo

Our services are easily tailored to meet your business’s needs. We accept both large and small projects. More than 25 years ago when we first founded Transphoto Inc., we set out to provide a new standard of services throughout the US.   We are based in Orlando, FL, and offer our services throughout the nation.

TransphotoTpi - Simultaneous Interpretation, Interpretation Equipment, Translation

We provide translation and interpretation in most modern languages.

TransphotoTpi is a translation and interpretation service company based out of Orlando, Florida. We are a group of highly skilled translators, simultaneous interpreters, voice-over artists, and interpretation equipment service professionals who have been helping people communicate throughout the United States for over 25 years. Our goal is to help people reach a greater audience through professional language translation and interpretive services.

TransphotoVideo - Video Conversion to DVD, Film to DVD, Cassette/Record to CD, Photo Restoration, Music/Audio Transfer

More than 25 years ago when we first founded Transphoto Inc., we set out to provide a new standard of photography and video services throughout the US.  Our photography services helped many small businesses get a head start by providing them with great advertising graphics and catchy logos. To meet the demands of today's market, we have expanded into the digital realm.

Unique Cards by Linda - Handmade Cards for all occasions.

Cards are a joy for me to make and customers tell me it shows in the work. I know you'll see the difference that giving a handmade card will make.

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