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Website Design Information

Website Design Information

Website Design Information

Website Design Information

Do you know what you want your website to look like?
If you do, you're one of the very few. Most customers know they want a website for their business, non-profit or other organization and a few have a general idea what they like. Many however, don't have any idea what they want or how to get the website designed and up and running. That is where Ken and Linda Designs can help. We are a small 2-person company and we work with our customers, becoming a part of their company family. We want to get to know you and your company so that we can give you the best possible web presence for you and your organization. Clients see your website, good or bad, and judge your company or organization based on what they see.

Ken loves to design websites. He works directly with the customers to learn as much as he can about the organization. Ken likes to feel part of the group/organization and he hopes by the time the website design is completed, and the final product is approved, he has been accepted as part of the team.

Ken will design the websites for a very reasonable fee and will never offer a bid until he understands the needs of the business, non-profit or religious groups and organizations. He can't give a fair bid without at least an outline of what is expected. Ken wants clients to feel that they have received a fair price for a great job.

Ken has been designing websites since 1998 for commercial businesses and religious organizations/churches.

Ken designs websites using:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Expression Webweaver
  • Wordpress
  • WIX
  • Coffee Cup
  • XSitePro

After the website project is complete and uploaded, Ken then supports the client with continuous updates of ever-changing data. He charges hourly, monthly, quarterly or annually for updates and maintenance, depending upon the needs of the group/organization. We can discuss this at the time the bid is given on the design of the project, or after the project is completed.

Please let Ken know if he can bid on your project or give you suggestions on maintaining or updating your current site.

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