Database Design

Have you collected a lot of customer information, but find it hard to search when you need to?

Databasse Designs

If you have information on paper invoices, billing statements or service tickets that need to be searched and collected for sales and/or other uses, Ken and Linda Designs can help. We have been developing databases for over 15 years and can assist you in bringing all of that information into one location that, once entered, is easily searched and fast to use in MS Word or MS Excel documents.

Kenneth enjoys helping customers take their raw data and turn it into information that is usable and easily searchable.

Many people are unaware that in order for a good database to be developed, the end user must know what they want to get out of it. Kenneth works with clients to help them determine what is important, then works with them to develop a database. Clients are then able to see their data in a usable format.

We have been designing databases for commercial business since 1993.

Kenneth has designed databases that are used for:

  • Basic inventory Tracking
  • Human Resource Support and Recruiting
  • Commission Programs

Kenneth designs databases using Microsoft Access and other database programs.

Please let Kenneth know if we can bid on your project.

Our approach

Insight. Creativity. Technology.

Ken and Linda Designs works with our clients to get to know them, and to get an understanding of why you offer your products or services. We then use our abilities and expertise to create unique ideas of what you need. We use our knowledge, from courses taken over the years, and our experience from projects we have completed, to make a creative product for you.


“Concept is defined as a general notion or idea, idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars, conceived or intuited object of thought.” After getting to know you, the client, and getting an idea of what you want, we develop that concept.


“Build is defined as to construct by assembling and joining parts or materials.” To help you establish or strengthen your business, we help you build a product, like a website, database or social media site. This will assist you in giving the public a clear idea of what services or product you provide.


Testing your website for presence, quality, and versatility, is part of what we do. Any product goes through complete testing before it goes ‘live’. You, the client, are able to preview each part of the website before it goes online.

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