Kenneth Dold Bio

Kenneth Dold

Kenneth Dold
Co-Owner / Designer

I started designing and building websites in 1998, and I have continued to build them, using many different software programs. Currently, I use WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver, or Wix website builder, with other add-on extensions for most of the designs. I may also use other software depending on the job and customer requirements.

I started designing and building databases in 1995. I have used many different software platforms, finally deciding on Microsoft Access, which gives a great product for businesses or organizations.

I started putting together social media sites in 2018.

I continue to take classes in website design/development, database design, social media design and many other elements that help customers get a better presence on the internet.

I love working with my customers to build products that will help make their business or organization more efficient and enable them to reach more customers.

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